How to fire Facebook Pixel Dynamic Events with PixelYourSite

How to trigger Dynamic Events on KEY actions on your site

You can fire an event on:

>> CLICKS on links or buttons

>> Mouse Over a page element

>> Page Scroll

Not sure what a Dynamic Event is? It’s a pixel event that is NOT triggered when the page loads, but when the visitor performs a specific action, like a click on an HTML link or on a form button (newsletter sign-up, contact, add to cart) or other specific action that has a value for your business.

If you’re not using Dynamic Events you’re probably losing money already

This might look like a bold and exaggerated statement, but it’s actually the naked true,  believe me. Ask any experienced Facebook marketer and you will hear the same answer. Dynamic Events simply work!

With Dynamic events you can do 2 things:

You can optimize your Facebook Ads for KEY actions on your site

Configure the Dynamic Event to be fired when that action is performed (like you just saw in the video). This can be a click on an affiliate link, a form submit button click (like a newsletter signup), a “call now” click, or simply a page scroll to some predefined percent.

Once the Dynamic Event is configured, you can optimize your ads for it. Select “increase conversion on your website” as your ads objective and select the event as your conversion.

Important: You can only select a Standard Event as your campaign objective. If you are using a custom event (an event with a different name), first you will have to create a Custom Conversion based on it. Once you have this Custom Conversion you can select it as your campaign objective.

What will happen next: Facebook will start to optimize the ads for that particular action on your  site. Their algorithm will determine what users are most likely to convert, and they will deliver your ads to them. And the thing is, it is working. Using this strategy is proved to increase your ads ROAS.

You can create highly engaged Custom Audiences based on the Dynamic Events

Define a Custom Audience using Custom Combination > Events > Your Dynamic Event. Once people start to fire the event on your site they will be automatically added to your new custom audience. This will be an extremely well-targeted audience, formed by people that have a real interest in your products and business.

With this Custom Audience you can do three important things:

Exclude it from the ads that are promoting the event (or an equivalent one): you don’t want to spend money showing ads to someone that already performed the desired action.

Retarget it with highly relevant ads: You know their interests and they know you. Don’t loose this opportunity pass by and show them highly targeted adds. You can move them a step ahead into your sales funnel, or sell them other similar products. It is a good idea to use this strategy in conjunction with a newsletter campaign if the user is already on your list.

Expand your reach by creating Lookalike Audiences: That’s another powerful feature that you can use. Facebook will take your super-targeted audience and create similar, much bigger one.

As you can see, using events is an advanced technique that gives results. In the video above you saw how easy it can be to define events when using PixelYourSite PRO, so all you have to do is to think of some important actions that you want to promote, and to start making some smart ads.

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