How to use Facebook Dynamic Creatives – VIDEO

With Dynamic Creatives, you can test up to 30 different elements with just a single ad. Facebook will try to deliver the best combination possible, improving your ads’ return.

This is a video of a real campaign for the PixelYourSite Free Pixel Guide using dynamic creatives. I’ve made no edits to the video, so you can see the full process of creating such an add.

I’ve prepared 2 different versions of  TEXT, HEADLINE, and NEWS FEED LINK DESCRIPTION. You can use up to 5 each.

I am also testing 10 different IMAGES and 3 different CALLS TO ACTION.

In the left section of the screen, you see the text editor I’ve used for the variations, and on the right side, you have the actual Facebook Ads Manager.



Dynamic Creatives are a game changer

Until now, the usual way to start a campaign was to test what’s working first and then try to scale it. The norm was to run various ads with different creatives combinations and, after some time, pick up what ads worth to be scaled. This process had at least two possible flaws:

a. It required time and effort (and money to run the ads)

b. It was assumed that creative combinations with good results on a particular audience will deliver good results against different, bigger audiences.

Dynamic Creatives are going to change this completely. You don’t have to do the testing yourself anymore, and you don’t have to guess what’s going to work. Facebook will use its own algorithms to deliver the best possible combinations for a particular ad.

More importantly, you can target different audiences using dynamic creatives, making sure that each particular audience will see the right credentials.

Your effort should move from finding the best possible ad, to targeting the right audiences with each ad set.


How to use Facebook Dynamic Creatives

Dynamic Creatives are only available for the Quick Creation process. Turn this option ON in the Ad Set settings, and you’ll be able to add up to 10 images, 5 text versions, 5 headlines, 5 news link descriptions, and 5 CTAs.

When you use Dynamic Creatives, Facebook automatically delivers the best combinations of your creative assets. It finds the best ad creative combinations by taking the components of the ad (images, videos, titles, descriptions, CTAs, etc.) and running different combinations of these assets across audiences.


Supported objectives:

  • Conversions
  • App installs
  • Traffic

Supported formats:

  • Single image (pulled from an asset feed of multiple images)
  • Single video (pulled from an asset feed of multiple videos)

Supported placements:

  • Facebook Newsfeed on desktop and mobile
  • Right-hand column
  • Instagram feed
  • Audience Network classic
  • Audience Network In-stream video
  • Audience Network rewarded video
  • Messenger inbox


View performance by ad creative

When Dynamic Creatives are used, you can Breakdown the reports by dynamic creative asset.


In Ads Manager:

  • Click Breakdown above the reporting table, and then select By Dynamic Creative Asset
  • Select one of the breakdowns from: Image, Video, Headline, Text, Description, Call to Action, Website


TIP: Don’t run this type of ads on small audiences or with very small budgets. Facebook needs volume to understand what combinations will give the best results.

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