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Where to find your license key

Each plugin you get from us will have its own license key. There are 3 ways to retrieve it:

1. On the thank you page

Immediately after you pay, you’ll be redirected to the “thank you page”. From there you can download your files, your invoice and the license keys for each plugin that you bought.

2. From the purchase confirmation email

Once the transaction is completed you’ll get an email from us that will also have a link to download the files (available for 72 hours), a link to download your invoice and the license keys for every plugin that you bought.

3. From your account

When you buy something from us for the first time a new account is created for you. You’ll get your login credentials in a separate email, right after the purchase.

From inside your account, you can always get the latest version of the files, your invoices, and your license keys.

You can log in to your account here

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