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Product List Performance

This feature is available starting PixelYourSite Pro 7.3.9.

Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce can show a report named “Product List Performance”. This report is based on 2 events:

  • view_item_list
  • select_content

You can turn ON/OFF these events from the plugin’s WooComerce tab. Look for “Track product list performance on Google Analytics”, click to expand, and you’ll see the related options.

Product Lists represent a logical grouping of products on your site.

PixelYourSite Pro automatically tracks list performance for:

  • the default WooCommerce Shop Page,
  • WooCommerce categories,
  • WooCommerce search results,
  • single product related products.

How to find the Product List Performance reports

Inside your Google Analytics account click on “Conversions” and on “Product List Performance”.

Under “Product List Name” you will see all the lists that sent data.

WooCommerce category lists will end with “Category”.

Single product related products will end with “Related Products”.

The shop page will use the actual name of the page.

If you want to see what products are part of a list, simply click on its name.

Search results will use “WooCommerce Search”.

So if you want to see only categories, search for “Category”.

Click on the list name to see what products are included.

Product List VIews: the number of times a product from the list was displayed.

Important: Because of the way WooCommerce related products work, the reported number might be misleading. When a single product page is opened, WooCommerce finds 10 related products and randomly displays the configured numbered of products on the page. This number is usually 4, but can be different for some themes. Since we can’t tell what products are actually displayed, we decided to add all the 10 related products to this particular list.

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