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The Purchase Event Facebook and Pinterest Parameters

Your Purchase event tracks a huge number of useful parameters. Use them to create super-focus Custom Audiences or Custom Conversions, and for Facebook Analytics reports.

  • content_type: product
  • content_ids: the ids of the purchased events
  • value: the event value, as configured inside the plugin
  • total: the transaction’s total
  • lifetime_value: the client lifetime’s value
  • currency: transaction’s currency
  • transactions_count: the number of transactions made by the same client
  • average_order: the average order of the transactions made by the same client
  • payment: payment type
  • tax: the tax value
  • shipping: shipping option
  • shipping_cost: the shipping cost
  • coupon_used: use of coupons (yes/no)
  • coupon_name: the name of the coupon used
  • content_name: the product’s numbers
  • category_name: the products categories
  • num_items: the number of products
  • order_id: the order’s id
  • hour: the transaction’s hour interval, based on the client’s browser’s time
  • day: the transaction’s day, based on the client’s browser’s time
  • month: the transaction’s month, based on the client’s browser’s time
  • traffic_source: direct
  • UTMs: the UMTs of the landing URL
  • town: address town
  • country: address country
  • plugin: PixelYourSite
  • domain: your domain name
  • user_roles: the client user role
  • contents: A list of JSON object that contains the product ids associated with the event as well as additional information about the products


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