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Advanced Marketing Events

These are 3 custom events added by PixelYourSite that can help you to identify the transactions made by your most important clients.

They are useful on Facebook, Pinterest, and Google Ads (via Google Analytics). You can create Custom Audiences and retarget them with dedicated ads.

On Facebook, you can deploy a very powerful strategy using Lookalike Audiences. This way you will be able to find new potential customers with a profile similar to your most valuable existing clients.

On Google Ads, once you have a large enough number of users in your base audience, you will have the possibility to use Similar Audiences to find new potential clients.


This event is fired when the client has a minimum number of transactions. By default is set to 2 transactions, but you can change that.


It will fire when the client has a minimum number of transactions and the average order meats a particular threshold. By default is configured to fire on a minimum 3 transactions with an average value of 200.


The event will be fired when the client reaches a minimum lifetime value. By default is configured to 500.

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