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Pinterest Tag Events

The Pinterest Add-On will add by default a number of useful events and you can also fire any events you might need.

Default Events:

PageVisit – on every page of your website

ViewCategory – on every category

Search – when a search is performed

GeneralEvent – added by PixelYourSite on every page, can be used for audiences and supports “delay event”

If you use WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads, e-commerce specific events will be added:

AddToCart – when a product is added to cart (it can also be enabled on the WooCommerce cart page)

Lead – on WooCommerce affiliate buttons clicks

AddPaymentInfo – on WooCommerce PayPal Standard button clicks

Checkout – when a transaction is completed

Add New Pinterest Tag Events

You can fire any events you need from the Events tab.

Fire Pinterest Tag Events on Page Visits

Define the triggers

  • Click on the Add Event button on the Events tab
  • Add the event name (for internal use only)
  • Select “Trigger on key page load”
  • Add the URL where you want to fire the event


If you leave the URL field empty, the event will be fired on every page.

If you add a * at the end of the URL string, the event will be fired on all URLs starting with that string (useful if you use URL tags, for example).

You can fire the event on more than one URLs. Simply click on the “+ Add Trigger” button and insert the URL.

Define the Event

  • Select the event type (one of the standard events, a Custom event or a partner-defined event).
  • Define the parameters (optional). We recommend you to use the Dynamic Parameters Add-On (part of the Super-Pack) in order to enable dynamic parameters.
  • You can add and define any parameter you want by clicking the “Add Parameter” button.
  • Click the “Add Event” button.


Fire Pinterest Tag Events on Key Actions (Dynamic Events)

You can also fire a Pinterest Tag Event when an important action takes place on your site:

  • A click on a link
  • A click on a button or any other element
  • Page scroll to a percent
  • Mouse over an element

Pinterest Dynamic Events work the same way to Facebook Dynamic Events. You can find more details here.

Important: Pinterest supports a Custom Event that will work for both audience creation and conversion reporting. Partner-defined events can only be used for audience creation

Here’s the list  with Pinterest supported events:

  • PageVisit
  • ViewCategory
  • Search
  • AddToCart
  • Checkout
  • WatchVideo
  • Signup
  • Lead
  • Custom
  • Partner-defined (any name you want)
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