This is the HELP section for the “WooCommerce Cost of Goods by PixelYourSite” plugin.


Download the plugin files


Install and activate the plugin


Activate your license key

Install the plugin and activate its license

Download the plugin

You can find your files in 3 different ways:

  • On the “Thank You Page”, right after your payment is completed
  • In our Purchase Confirmation Email that you will receive after the transaction
  • In your account on our site. You’ll get an email with your credential once you complete your first transaction with us.

Install the plugin on your site

Log in to your site admin and click on the Plugins link in the left menu. Click on “Add New” and then on the “Upload Plugin” button

Click on the “Choose file” button and select the plugin files you’ve downloaded earlier. Click “Install now”

Click the “Activate Plugin” button.

Your new plugin is now installed and activated. You can find it in the left menu.

Now you have to activate your license.

Add the Cost of Goods (COG)

Add COG for products

You can add COG for each product or variation. COG can be fix or percent.

The plugin will automatically calculate PROFIT for every product or variation that has COG.


Add COG for WooCommerce categories

You can add COG for each category. COG can be fix or percent.


Add COG as global rule

You can add COG as a global rule on the plugin’s settings page. COG can be fix or percent.

You can find this page by opening WooCommerce Settings from WooCommerce’s left side menu. There will be a new “Cost of Goods by PixelYourSite” tab.


How COG is used

The plugin will use the most appropiate COG to calculate profit for each order. The rules are used in this order:

  1. Product
  2. Category
  3. Global rule

When the product is under multiple categories, the bigest COG is used.

Calculate PROFIT for your orders

PROFIT for new orders

After you install the plugin and add COG rules, the plugin will automatically calculate PROFIT for new orders.

You can see the PROFIT when you browse orders, or when you open a particular order.

Some info about what rules were used for each order are is display.


PROFIT for existing orders

You can calculate PROFIT for your older orders too. Open the plugin’s page and click on the Calculate button.


Recalculate PROFIT

You ca Recalculate PROFIT for single orders. There are buttons on the Orders page and on every single order page. This can be helpful if you change some COG rules.

Use PROFIT for your Facebook Pixel events

Use PROFIT for Facebook Events

You can use PROFIT as value for your WooCommerce events. The plugin works with PixelYourSite free and pro versions.

Open PixelYourSite’s WooCommerce tab and look for the event you want to modify. This option works for the following events:

  • Purchase
  • InitiateCheckout
  • AddToCart
  • ViewContent (fired on single product pages)

Click on the event and look for Value settings. You will see an option called “Price minus Cost of Goods”. Select it and Save the new settings.

If you can’t locate the “Price minus Cost of Goods” option, please update the PixelYourSite plguin to the latest version.


NOTE: this option will be applied for Pinterest related events too.